Crane Hire Company Loading Good Will

Volunteering at a homeless shelter for an afternoon or donating $100 to one of your favorite charities will offer a great example for others within your community and make you feel really good. However, in terms of the social impact and long-term benefits there is a practical limit in terms of what we are able […]

Sustainable Materials: Moving Away from Asbestos

  Asbestos is the name given to a group of natural mineral fibres that was widely used as a building material prior to 1990 in a variety of products due to excellent strength, insulation and fire resistant properties. It is very versatile and estimates suggest that it has been used in over 3000 applications globally. […]

Sustainable Food and Shared Value

When the top corporate CEOs gathered in New York for the Shared Value Leadership Summit on 11-13 May, Yara Africa featured as the keynote business study. Shared Value Initiative The Yara case study was used as an example of how the private sector has developed strategies to deal with societal needs. This study was written […]

Shared Value and The 3 Pillars Network

Shared value is a type of management strategy that focuses on companies creating business value that is measurable through addressing and identifying social problems that impact their business. New opportunities are created by this shared value framework for businesses, governments and civil society organizations to leverage the power provided by market-based competition in order to […]